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​Total Life Program 


The Total Life Program offered at Here and Nao is an all-encompassing initiative designed to guide you through a specific time frame, empowering you to establish a strong foundation, rediscover your inner self, and embark on a journey toward a more fulfilling life.

My holistic approach addresses both the physical and mental aspects of well-being. It includes invigorating yoga sessions, lifestyle enhancement consultations, mind-strengthening coaching, and supportive counseling to help you navigate your current circumstances. By dedicating to self-care, we are poised to revolutionize your reality from the ground up.

As a yoga instructor, I have had the opportunity to meet many people through group and individual sessions.

Yoga is a way of life itself, a philosophy.

While everyone embarks on their yoga journey for unique reasons, the profound essence of yoga lies in enabling individuals to connect with their authentic selves, unlock their latent potential, and manifest the desires of their souls. To realize this objective, I employ tailored methodologies for each individual, nurturing the body, nurturing the mind, and nurturing the spirit.

I refer to these sessions as 'Strategy Meetings.' During these strategic sessions, we delve deep into the root causes of the challenges and concerns in your life. Together, we chart a course for change, identifying the necessary actions that will make your next small steps clear. By understanding these incremental changes and actively implementing them, transformation becomes inevitable. Before you realize it, a new rhythm will permeate your life. And when a certain period elapses, you'll find yourself in a place that's beyond your current imagination.

These sessions can be referred to as coaching, counseling, or consulting, but in truth, they defy classification as any one of these. The sessions are tailor-made for each individual, bearing no fixed duration or rigid methodology. Instead, we adapt the sessions to your specific circumstances, determining both the type and duration based on your current needs.

What sets this program apart is its uniqueness; no two individuals undergo the same program. Each person embarks on this journey from a different starting point with a unique destination in mind.

If you find yourself adrift without a clear life direction, grappling with an inner void, or burdened by fatigue and discontent, it's possible that your mindset is anchoring you in place. It could also be a consequence of an imbalanced diet or a lack of physical activity—a still mind often mirrors a stagnant body. The root cause, though, may vary from person to person. Nevertheless, neglecting the issue will only allow it to grow. Deep down, you know that something has to change.

Human beings can be quite fragile at times. Confronting challenges alone can be daunting, and there are moments when we all need a supportive nudge. I've experienced this firsthand, and I genuinely empathize.

That's precisely what this program is designed for—to be your guiding light. It's unquestionably a chance to reevaluate your life. To me, my clients are more than just individuals; they're cherished companions on life's journey. The people who engage with this program are of utmost importance to me, and I wholeheartedly commit to giving my all. That's a promise I can confidently make.

Session with Nao


〜Voice of everyone who finished the program with ​NAO〜 (Videos are in Japanese only, sorry!)


I should be happy, but somehow my heart feels fuzzy.
I can't stop gaining weight. . . Juri who was.

Now, my mind and body are light, I am honest with myself, and I am living my life!

During the session, as my lifestyle and way of thinking changed, I felt that my body and mind became lighter and lighter, and my footwork became lighter.
By knowing myself, I no longer worry about myself, and by being able to live honestly with myself, I have been able to establish solid self-centeredness. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of new doors will be opened by living more and more like Juri.


In the midst of her busy life as a housewife and mother, Hiroko lost sight of her true self and was in a poor physical condition.

As the session progressed, I began to remember more and more about myself, who I really was, what inspired me, and what made me passionate. I became lighter and freer. It is said that by stabilizing the mind and knowing oneself, one can control oneself. Moving to NY that I had hoped for came true, and I'm now living my new-born life in the new country!!

I feel like I've molted into a completely different person from who I was a year ago. I can't even remember myself in the past.


Ayako was in urgent need of strengthening her legs and losing weight because her legs were restricted due to an old injury.

I steadily changed my lifestyle and succeeded in losing 8kg without overdoing it!

I was able to change my eating habits naturally without overdoing it, and I thought I was lazy, but now I know I can move my body freely as long as I do yoga regularly. I was able to make it a habit. My priority was to keep my body in order, but during the session, I also rediscovered my own interests, created time to develop my talents, and created a life that was more like mine by improving the living environment. With a more confident body, I was rewarded with a personal photo session.


There are things I want to do, but what on earth should I start with, and can I really do it myself? Yayoi was in such a state.

More ideas are coming out, and it's fun!
Huh, did I ever say I might not be able to do it? 

During the program, I steadily got what I wanted to do, which I had been vague about. Along the way, I was able to start focusing on what I can do now by taking a deep look at myself. Putting things into practical action step by step made me feel easier to accomplish what I want. I'm now looking forward to seeing myself in the future.


I want to gain confidence in my appearance for the job I aim for! So I mainly wanted to lose weight.

I changed my eating habits to take care of myself and succeeded in losing 12 kg without overdoing it! On the other hand, my husband has also lost weight!

I started feeling love for myself by adjusting my concept of food. During the program, the items in my supermarket basket changed completely! Not only me but also my husband decided to lose weight together. He showed his kind support. I used to say that I am not good at moving my body, have learned the habit of moving regularly, which has led to changes in myself. Now, I feel more confident in my professional life.

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