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Studying at Home

My philosophy

In today's world where values, living environments, and social structures are changing at an unprecedented speed,

what should we base ourselves on and what should we live for?

Even for people who usually don't ask themselves these questions,

they started to become vital.


As a yoga practitioner, I believe that yoga can deepen the mind-body connection,

which is the first step to providing answers to them.

My soul also is quietly but surely raising its voice from the depths.

I believe that everyone is an eternal existence.

We chose this planet, this era to experience precisely what our souls wanted to experience.

What you want to do in your life doesn't matter as long as it aligns with your soul.


If so, knowing ourselves and deepening our connection with ourselves

allows us to find out what our souls wish.

I feel that this is what everyone needs in order to live this life fully.

Nowadays, the purpose of life is shifting from material to spiritual.

Many people are deceived by the image of success or the form of happiness that society imposed on them and spend their lives chasing dreams which are not truly their own


Me myself I am still exploring, and developing as a person.

But I'd like to accompany your journey so that you will find your true self.

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